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Health Benefits Of Drinking Cucumber Water

Generally, a fruit or vegetable accompanies a drink as an attractive addition to a performance. For example, cucumber juice looks like a sophisticated beverage used to enhance the elegant relaxing look in spas. However, in reality, cucumber juice is much more than that.

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According to WebMD, cucumbers are made of 95% water. This fact is important because we are made up of 60% water per Healthline. Unfortunately, water loss occurs easily through sweating when we exert ourselves or simply when it's hot outside. Incredibly, if we lose even 2% of that water, we can start experiencing symptoms of dehydration. These detrimental symptoms can include fatigue, mood troubles, difficulty exercising, and reduced motivation, memory, and brain function. In contrast, staying well-hydrated can help combat headaches, kidney stones, and constipation. 

Cucumbers can be a handy tool when it comes to staying hydrated. Not everyone enjoys the taste of water, and adding cucumber gives it a pleasant flavor. This small change can make drinking the water we need more manageable. Since cucumber is mostly water, consuming the cucumber in a glass of water provides even more hydration per glass. On top of hydration, cucumbers provide several other helpful attributes as well. 

Unexpected cucumber benefits

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