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Tobenna Arodiogbu - Startup Helping Truckers Get Paid Faster

Nigerian immigrant Tobenna Arodiogbu, 31, cofounded CloudTrucks after selling self-driving car startup Scotty Labs to DoorDash in 2019. While other startups focus on digital freight, CloudTrucks, based in San Francisco, helps truckers, especially small owner-operators, manage operations. For instance, it offers insurance at a lower cost than a one- or two-man trucking operation could otherwise get. “We don’t just help them on transactions,” Arodiogbu says. “We help them generate more revenue, improve cash flow, lower costs and meet compliance, which is more challenging these days.” With 3.4 million truck drivers in the U.S., Arodiogbu, who had been a product manager at HR firm Zenefits before it crashed in 2015 and at tech-enabled real estate firm Opendoor in 2016, has bigger plans, including such tools as a no-fee credit card for truck drivers. “We have invested a lot in the software and data science to help them,” he says.

Tobenna Arodiogbu - CEO - CloudTrucks | LinkedIn

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