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She Gave Birth to 44 Children (Before Turning 40)

When I first heard about Mama Uganda, the world's most fertile woman who has given birth to 44 kids - I immediately booked a flight to visit her and find out how she's able to raise them in a small Ugandan village. After spending 24 hours plugged into her life, with all of her kids inside -- I have to admit that her story is a sad one.  Forced into marriage at 12 years old, she had her first set of quintuplets at 13, and then gave birth on 16 more occasions (to quintuplets, triplets, and twins) -- before her 40th birthday.  Even crazier, she raises ALL of them as a single mother (her ex-husband abused and abandoned her.) But Mama Uganda is a warrior, a superhuman and a true African legend who is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. If you're reading this - I'd love to hear from you in the comments down below - what do you think of Mama Uganda? I will be reading and responding to your messages!

She gave birth to 44 children at 38 years | World's Most fertile woman -  YouTube

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She Gave Birth to 44 Children (Before Turning 40) - YouTube

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