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Drew Binsky - Visiting World’s Busiest City (Kolkata, India)

Drew Binsky -  After nearly a half-decade, I have decided to come back to India and give it another chance (because on my last trip, I had an awful time...) I was in a fatal bus crash at 2 in the morning where two people died, and on top of that, I got severe food poisoning which led me to lose over 12 pounds. So I came back as my new 32-year-old self to give it another chance and see if I would like it. I'll be spending 11 days in the country, attempting to shoot 4 videos for my main YouTube channel, and we are kicking it off right here with my first 24 hours in Kolkata (one of the craziest cities on earth!) Have you ever been to India? What are your thoughts? Also, let me know if you have any recommendations while in India this time around - I'd love to hear from you!

The Epic City review – a love letter to Kolkata | Travel writing | The  Guardian

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Drew Binsky