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15-Minute HIIT Circuit For Runners + Endurance

Join fitness instructor Ashley Joi in the first of a three-episode runner's series, presented by 26.2 Team Milk. This high-intensity runner-specific HIIT circuit not only improves endurance but reinforces best practices for managing energy during your next long run. The workout consists of five quick cardio-focused rounds that range in intensity. Pace is all about listening to your body, knowing when to slow down, and practice. We want you to feel the burn at any skill level, so follow Joi or our class members for advancements and modifications throughout the routine. There's no equipment needed, so press play to join in the fun!

A 45-Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners and Pros | POPSUGAR Fitness

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15-Minute HIIT Circuit For Better Endurance | POPSUGAR Fitness