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Tiny Desk Concert - Chlöe

Chlöe Bailey and her band were scheduled to fly in the day before this show. But with thousands of flights delayed or canceled at the start of the 4th of July holiday weekend, one member couldn't make it into town. Because the arrangements were designed for two background vocalists, it didn't make sense to have just one and the team decided the ensemble would go without. But you would never know something was missing here. Chlöe filled the room with a stunning vocal performance, her positive spirit and light radiated throughout the entire room. The band exuded a special energy too. Right from the first note, they locked into a groove that felt really good. "Surprise," a hit from 2022, started out the set with a sexy bump and grind, R&B vibe that segued right into the body-popping "Body Do." Next up was "I Don't Mind," an afrobeat-infused party jam that really demonstrates her wide vocal range. The party mood stayed strong with "Worried," another favorite from her 2023 debut album In Pieces. Its reflective title track speaks to Chlöe's transparency around being vulnerable. She said, "A lot of times I've been broken down and the cracks will be left, but that doesn't make me imperfect or it doesn't take away any beauty I have deep inside." That lovely disposition continued into the last song, "Cheatback," a reminder that even if we think of seeking revenge, karma matters.

Chloe Bailey | Turning That Ungodly Hour into Ascension — Flaunt Magazine

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