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The Best Ways To Choose A Life Partner

A life partner is someone who is in a serious, committed relationship with someone else, but they're not married. A life partner can be anyone in any type of relationship, whether it's heterosexual or homosexual. They can choose to have children or not. Below are the best ways to choose a life partner 

1. Laughter: Find someone that not only laughs at your humor and quirks, but doesn’t take life to serious. Laughter can solve many worthless arguments.

2. Support: Find someone that has your back 99.999% of the time. They will address issues in private and not in public.

3. Attraction: Looks aren’t everything, but initially they get the ball rolling. If you find someone that you find highly attractive and their mind matches that, there’s your answer.

4. Communication: Find someone that will hurt you with honesty but not destroy you with betrayal and lies. Find that person that can and will talk about the uncomfortable situations that will come up throughout the relationship.

5. Personality: Find someone that has an open minded, non judgmental with one similar to yours.

6. Availability: Find someone who is available. Physically, mentally and emotionally. They don’t make you “guess” what their intentions are. You don’t have to chase or “guess” what is going on.

7. Interested: Find someone who is interested in “your” life, as well as has a life of their own. There’s give and take on both sides.

8. Intimacy: Find someone who matches your level of intimacy. Sex isn’t most important, but it does play a big role at least for me.

9. Constructive Criticism: Find someone that will give you the criticism that will help you achieve a better version of yourself.

10. Acceptance: Find someone who accepts you exactly as you are. They offer support but won’t try and change you. What they see is what they get. Don’t confuse this with accepting abusive behavior.

11. Awareness: Find someone that is aware enough to know, relationships aren’t easy. No one is perfect and there is no “perfect” match. This person will understand everyone, and life in general is a work in progress. It’s all about progress not perfection.

12. Hug: Find a person whose hug changes a complete shit show of a day into a ray of sunshine

13. The look: Finally, find that person that looks at you and has a way of melting you. Someone that will look at you, with no words, but the look says “Don’t worry, I got you.”

Bottom line, there’s no guaranteed way to choose a “life” partner. People change, that’s a fact of life. What two people find attractive at first can lead to what destroys the relationship in the future.

Your best bet is making choices on how you want to spend the rest of your life with “yourself.” And if someone comes along with the same goals and plans as yours, take it slow and see where it goes.