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Sanwo-Olu assures Igbo traders of safety

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, set out on a campaign tour of important South-East Asian markets on Tuesday. After receiving an unqualified endorsement for re-election from the state's Ndigbo community, Sanwo-Olu visited the markets in advance of the governorship vote on Saturday. At an open forum held by businesspeople in the Trade Fair Complex, Ojo, under the auspices of the Auto Spare Parts And Machinery Dealers Association, Sanwo-Olu was given a hearty welcome. The governor promised to ensure the security of Ndigbo businesses and properties in Lagos State during the open forum. Sanwo-Olu additionally encountered a collection of Igbo traders in 58 significant Lagos markets. 

The Ndigboamaka Progressive Markets Association, which represents the traders, received a resounding unanimous vote of support for the governor. The governor also spoke with vendors at the well-known Ikeja computer village and mobile phone, computer, and other electronics market. The engagements were started as a response to worries expressed regarding the security of properties and businesses owned by South-East traders in Lagos. The Igbo traders' worries were allayed by Sanwo-Olu, who reassured them that Lagos would continue to be a melting pot for all Nigerians. He said his administration would continue to foster security and promote peaceful coexistence among all ethnic nationalities in the state. He reassured the Igbo traders that his government was committed to their prosperity and added that the state's recent approval for the development of Badagry Seaport was intended to speed up economic growth and improve logistics, particularly in the movement of goods. Sanwo-Olu expressed the commitment of his administration to the security and safety of non-indigenous residents in Lagos. Also urge the Igbo traders not to listen to the scaremongers threatening to attack them because of their electoral choices.

ASPAMDA President, Chief Ngozi Emechebe, described Sanwo-Olu as ‘a true friend of Igbo’, noting that the governor had never been hostile to non-Yoruba residents living in the state. Emechebe said that the forum was initiated as a reassurance of support of the Ndigbo community to the governor’s re-election, saying that the traders would work for Sanwo-Olu’s electoral victory in their respective polling stations.

Lagos2023: Sanwo-Olu assures Igbo traders of safety

”I am here on a solidarity visit and to thank you for your public endorsement of my humble self, which I believe will be reflected at the polls on Saturday with the highest number of votes cast from members of your community. ”You are not giving us your support for anything; you believe we deserve this encouragement because my team and I have worked tirelessly to improve your well-being. ”Very soon, Ojo will have a brand new General Hospital that will serve your needs. 

Lagos2023: Sanwo-Olu assures Igbo traders of safety

You also have seen expressways and bridges being completed on this corridor and we have awarded a rail project into Okokomaiko that will aid the movement of people and goods. ”I am excited that Lagos is on the path of growth. Through your cooperation and peaceful coexistence, we can ensure that we will not only build the state, but we will also build a better country for ourselves,” the governor said at the Trade Fair forum. ”We will continue to work with your leadership to enhance cooperation and identify areas we can improve on to foster peace and stability. We will not be hostile to any community of non-indigenes. ”For as long as you conduct yourselves in a peaceful manner, your safety and security will remain our priority. There is no need for any law-abiding resident to be scared,” he said. “Sanwo-Olu is a good man and has demonstrated that he is a lover of Igbo. We have resolved to support the governor for the second term because of his performance and his economic policies that have supported our businesses. “Through this forum, we are assuring the governor that we shall sing the song of victory together with him,” he said.