Pussybaby | Comedy Short Film

"Act Right or Act Wrong?" is a hidden-camera style show that candidly captures strangers in fraught ethical situations to see how they might react. When Shaliek is presented with a man verbally abusing his girlfriend in a grocery store parking lot he takes the initial step to intervene. But, when the man becomes aggressive, Shaliek wilts. According to the host, the situation was "starting to get too pathetic", so out comes the crew. Embarrassed, what Shaliek does not realize at that moment is how profoundly his life will be affected by the soon-to-be viral recording of his humiliation. 

Pussybaby by Derek Milton | Dark Comedy Short Film

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What follows is an exceedingly well-directed and performed farce, as the Shaliek's notoriety spreads at an astronomical rate. In a single day, Shaliek's life unravels at a dizzying pace as he experiences trouble at home, professional disappointment, and even common abuse from strangers. Milton and his editor, Mark D. Spencer, modulate this descent into chaos and madness perfectly, as the pace and absurdity build into a terrible crescendo.