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M.I Abaga Ft Demola Rewaju

MI & Demola Rewaju Unveil Startling Opinion on Women in Politics | Talk About It Pod (Ep 6)


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Everyone speaks but not everyone talks. To talk, you have to listen. In #TALKABOUTIT African Rap legend, Multiple Award Winning Artist & Entrepreneur Jude (M.I.) Abaga hosts conversations with friends on topics that affect our lives. The show is also an ode to M.I.'s first album “Talk About It” as he celebrates the body of work that changed the trajectory of Rap in Nigeria. The podcast features special guests: Jesse Jagz, Health influencer Aproko Doctor, Singer-Songwriter Waje, Entrepreneur Iyin Aboyeji, Pastor Flo of Logic Church and Politician Demola Olanrewaju to help talk through a delicate topic - a woman’s perspective in Nigeria & life as we know it. He is also joined by Fifehan Osikanlu who gives a unique and fresh perspective on life’s experiences as a woman in an emerging world; and on today's episode of the podcast Demola Olanrewaju talks about the active involvement of women in politics, the forthcoming elections and society as a whole. Drawing from his wealth of experience, Olanrewaju presents passionate justifications for why women in today's culture are designed to be a part of the political system and framework for a more developed country.