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Madame Joyce & Taymesan

If you're a fan of Madame Joyce and her banter-filled podcast, Cocktails & Takeaways, this episode of Tea With Tay should be savoured with the understanding that this is more than a podcasters' linkup but also the tea and takeaways episode, serving the tea and a bounty of nuggets to serve as take home food for thoughts. Marking the 20th episode of the third season of Tea With Tay, this episode features UK-born and bred podcaster and media personality, Madame Joyce who shares a side of her that's never been seen before on Tay's couch as she discusses her childhood and childhood traumas as the kid who never quite fit in. She also relates that child to the adult she's grown to be, drawing parallels with how her adopted personality informed the Madame Joyce we know now. A strong reminder never to despise the days of little beginnings, Madame Joyce also shares how she came to be the media powerhouse she is after listening to the instruction from the still small voice in her debt-ridden room years back. From analysing the dynamics of dating in the UK VS in Nigeria to childhood traumas and coming of age moments, battles with maintaining authenticity as media personalities and anxiety and overthinking, this episode is equal parts banter and the group therapy session you didn't know you needed. Enjoy!


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