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Welcome to the Musée du Louvre for the chicest walk in the world! The Grande Galerie houses the works of Capodimonte, the museum of Napoli.  Bellini! Titian! Caravaggio! Sébastien Allard, director of the Louvre's Department of Paintings, explains all the paintings and the exhibition. But what is the Grande Galerie? History tiiiime! The largest gallery in the world! A half-kilometre of splendour! It was built by Henri IV and Louis XIII in the 16th century to connect the Château du Louvre with the former Château des Tuileries. Today, it houses some of the wonders of Italian painting. With the Capodimonte paintings, it's a Grand Gallery on steroids! The Capodimonte paintings are inserted between the permanent collection of the Louvre. Sébastien Allard explains why this kind of exhibition is complex to hang, and looks at each of the painters involved. MASACCIO (meaning idiot) The painter who heralded the Renaissance. MASOLINO! The transition from symbolic to more realistic representation! BELLINI! The one through whom grace arrives. The father of great Renaissance painting.COLANTONIO! DE VINCI! JACOPO DE' BARBARI! And of course CARAVAGIO! PONTORMO! MICHELANGELO!

Exploring the Louvre Museum: A cultural treasure in the heart of Paris |  Travel - Hindustan Times

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