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Iconic Records S1 EP3 - Somebody's Gotta Die | The Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death

Episode 3 - SOMEBODY"S GOTTA DIE  No album can be deemed classic without a supreme first track. Life After Death is a perfect example. “Somebody’s Gotta Die” is a master class on cinematic storytelling. The album’s initial track was only preceded by its author’s imaging, commandeered by world renowned photographers like Michael Lavine and Barron Claiborne. On episode 3 of Iconic Records we speak with both visual artists on the portraits attached to B.I.G.’s legacy. Then the brilliance of “Somebody’s Gotta Die” gets broken down by Mike B and the song’s producer Nasheim Myrick who gives us a never before told Biggie story that may make Salt & Pepa shoop today.

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