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Germany's first female astronaut

A German woman working as an astronaut: That shouldn’t be anything special. But Suzanna Randall will actually be the first German woman to fly to the International Space Station (ISS). In today’s Germany, there are still sectors that are disproportionately dominated by men. Space travel is one of them. In 2023, astrophysicist Suzanna Randall plans to become the first German woman to join the rotating crew of the ISS. Her path to this point in her career hasn’t been easy. To date, Germany has only sent male astronauts to serve on the ISS. Thanks to a private initiative called "Die Astronautin” ("The Female Astronaut”), the dream of sending the first German woman into space is about to become a reality. Suzanna Randall, who beat out competition from 400 other applicants, has been undergoing the rigorous astronaut training program since 2018.

Dr. Suzanna Randall - Die Astronautin

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