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DW Documentary - Rwanda - Founders Valley

Rwanda has one of the best healthcare systems in Africa. But some Rwandans still aren’t getting the care they need. A group of young entrepreneurs want to change that – and believe innovative technologies can make a real difference. Over the past three decades, Rwanda has been working to heal the wounds of the 1994 genocide. Today it’s the startup hub of East Africa. The nation’s healthcare system is a top priority, and nearly 90 percent of Rwandans are now covered by community-based health insurance. But in a country where most people live in rural areas, access to medical care can still be a challenge. And the trauma of the past casts a long shadow: many Rwandans are still living with the physical and mental health consequences of the genocide. In this edition of Founder’s Valley we meet some entrepreneurs and founders who are tackling these problems with innovative solutions. Will they be able to help heal the wounds of the past and make health care available to all who need it? A film by Gönna Ketels and Ndimbira Shenge Claudine.

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