David Harewood - Man To Man

Tensions fly high in the boxing ring as teen Dion decides he cannot be the kind of man his father wants him to be, and refuses to learn how to fight. Starring David Harewood. Man To Man is a hard-hitting, multi-award winning, emotional rollercoaster starring SAG/Independent Spirit Award-nominated David Harewood OBE (Supergirl, Homeland, Blood Diamond). This BIFA & BAFTA-qualifying drama  examines a Father-Son relationship as Malcolm brings his son Dion to a boxing ring to ‘make a man’ out of him. The two go head to head in the ring, only it is not a battle of fists. They are locked in a battle of words. After so many years of avoidance, Malcolm and Dion finally let it all out to decide: what does it mean to truly be a man in today’s world?

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David Harewood - Man To Man