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Car Technology Is Changing The Audio Experience

Jörg Fachner is a passionate musician and enthusiast; someone who understands the emotional power and impact that a piece of music — any music — can have on memory and moods. All this underpins his day job: Fachner is professor of music, health and the brain at Anglia Ruskin University, as well as co-director of the University’s Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research. For Fachner, the correlation between sound and mood is at the heart of music’s role in therapy, both now and in the future. “Our research is interested in how music is created as a social product and how this is organised on a cortical and limbic level,” he says. Being in a car can add a whole new layer of musical interpretation and experience, especially when it comes through the Range Rover Sport SV’s sophisticated Meridian Signature Sound System. “It’s interesting, because associations can change with scenery or place,” says Fachner. “You might have a strong emotional connection to a particular journey. If you associate a piece of music with this trip, your emotional state could be heightened, making you excited or calmer, for example. And good sound is an aesthetic that helps you to listen differently and in a more distinct way.” Ultimately, Range Rover Sport SV’s Body and Soul Seat adds another dimension to in-car audio, both in terms of wellness and in quality of sound. “Our objective was not to mutate or alter the music, but to get the maximum feeling from it. I believe we’re giving the client the absolute pinnacle of musical information," says Duncan Smith, program group lead at Jaguar Land Rover.

Symphony of Silence: Crafting Sound in the Cabins of Contemporary Cars

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