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Cape Verde - Volcanoes, pristine beaches, carnival

The African Cape Verde islands have their own distinct genre of music and dance known as "morna”.  It’s mostly in evidence during the carnival season across the archipelago that’s located in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal. Each of the Cape Verde islands has its own charm and its own diverse landscape: from dramatic volcanic landscapes to the lush gardens of Sao Antão and the endless sandy beaches of Sao Vicente. The documentary observes the everyday lives of Cape Verde people and hears about their dreams and aspirations. People like the young singer Claudia, the drummer Nuno and Catarina - the carnival queen. They all love the typical music of Cape Verde, the "morna”, made famous throughout the world by Cesária Évora. It’s best described as a kind of plaintive blues that touches the soul and speaks of lovesickness, longing and the challenges of life. The young singer Claudia idolises Évora. She studies law, but dreams of a career on the stage. Music is her passion and she devotes all her free time to singing and playing the guitar. Music is also a big deal for drummer Nuno. He leads the drum band at carnival time, the most important date in the Cape Verde calendar. People look forward to this festival for months and anyone who can take part in the preparations, does. Dentist Catarina has a prominent role this year: She’s attending as the carnival queen and is having an elaborate costume made for the big day. Will her appearance be a success?

The exotic island just 5 hours from the UK – with 30C in autumn & a  jaw-dropping animal experience

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