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9 Things You Should Do Everyday To Become Smarter

Here are 9 things you should do daily to be smarter:

1. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.

Basically trying to be ambidextrous pushes your brain to work harder to do the same tasks. This challenges your mind to make different connections and prevents deteriorating with age.

2. Learn at least 5 new words in another language every day.

Switching between languages takes a lot of concentration, focus, and self-control. Begin by this way will be a step in the right direction for you.

3. Turn nouns into verbs

It’s a great way to make you sound clever and memorable when you meet someone new. It makes what you say to-the-point and deep impressive.

4. Lower your screen time to 30 mins a day.

Excessive smartphone use is detrimental to cognitive performance. You can also delete unnecessary apps from your phone.

5. Try caffeinated drinks

Caffeine stimulates your ability to concentrate, put you in a better mood, and can increase motivation. A cup of caffeinated tea or coffee could be the push you need to get your brain working at top speeds.

6. Carrying out tunes of music and matches certain pitches.

90% of children who received musical training over 20 days showed improved verbal intelligence. Some scientists thought that the brain could benefit just by listening to music.

7. Read the headlines of the e-newspaper daily.

You don’t need to read the newspaper from cover to cover. Reading the headlines will increase your world knowledge.

8. Play games like sudoku and scrabble.

Your brain can produce quite a few chemical reactions, and positive stimuli like a crossword increase brain functioning.

9. Say things out loud.

The simple act of hearing words aloud makes them more likely to stick with you - as does the process of repeating them.