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300,000-Year History of Human Evolution

The species we recognise as our own - anatomically modern humans - has existed for only 300,000 years, a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms. And yet during that time our species has been shaped by strong evolutionary forces, often unwittingly as an indirect result of human activities. In this lecture, we’ll find out how disease outbreaks, the rise of civilisation and even the invention of agriculture have left their traces in our DNA. This lecture was recorded by Robin May on 7th February 2024 at Barnard's Inn Hall, London Robin is Gresham Professor of Physic. He is also Chief Scientific Adviser at the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Birmingham.

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300,000-Year History of Human Evolution

A 300,000-Year History of Human Evolution - Robin May

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Gresham College lecture by Robin May