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Boldly merging the line between Pop & R&B, Sevyn Streeter has cemented herself as a boundless singer/songwriter/performer for over a decade. Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz, her alluring new album, is due out Sept. 17 on Groundw?rk/eOne.

Sevyn wrote much of the project with the help of longtime friend and in-demand songwriter Melvin “4rest” Moore. “We locked in so much,” she says. “4rest is like a brother, so I have conversations with him that I wouldn’t have with a lot of other people. These conversations eventually turned into records.”

It was inside her home recording studio, earlier this year, that Sevyn took control of her career. Amid the pandemic, Sevyn made career defining moves—running recording sessions, penning lyrics, picking out beats, overseeing photo shoots, writing treatments, co-directing videos. With the release of Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz, she marvels at just how far she has come not only as an artist, but also as a woman.

“I’ve been gone for so long and I’m nowhere near the person that I was before. I’m sexually freer and more empowered than before and I’m extremely verbal…sometimes too damn much,” Sevyn muses.

Yet it all starts with an unquenchable passion for the music. For the multi–faceted force of nature who is a serious student in the art of songwriting, Sevyn Streeter, the artist, is right where she belongs. “I don’t believe in coincidences at all,” she declares. “I believe all my steps are by God. I’m in an amazing place.”


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