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Capella gray is an American rapper, singer and songwriter best known for his 2021 single “GYALIS”. Gyallis is a patoisic term and means promiscuous man who obsessively seduces and cheats on women. He is signed to the 2020 record label ALLEPAC Family and has released albums called “The Quaran Tape Vibe 1”. in April 2020 and “Yea Nah I’m Out” in January 2020. Some of his work seems uncredited, but his biggest hit appears to be “Love You Better” by King Combs with Chris Brown. He is also a well trained musician as he can play drums, bass, guitar and piano. In June 2020 he released another single, his most commercial song to date, entitled “One More Chance”. In 2021 he released “Sas Crise” with Alayzha Sky & Ghost. His song “Gyallis” has since been unofficially remixed by French Montana, A Boogie With The Hoodie, Kranium and several other artists. Not only that, but it was featured on New York Radio, dubbed by many as the song of summer and even the song of the year.

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Sun, Oct 17 • 12:00 AM   Times Union Center , Albany

Mon, Nov 22 • 12:30 AM  Prudential Center , Newark

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