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5 Reasons Why Some People Become Fat Soon As They Get Married

Some of the most common reasons why some people become fat after marriage:

  • Partner influence: Married couples tend to eat most of their meals together, and they may eat foods that they wouldn't normally eat because their spouse has a craving for them. This can lead to consuming more calories and gaining weight.
  • The pressure is off: Many people who are dating try to stay slim to attract a mate, but once they are married, they may feel less pressure to look good and more comfortable with their appearance. This can make them relax their diet and exercise habits and gain weight over time.
  • Pregnancy: Women who get pregnant after marriage may gain weight due to hormonal changes, increased appetite, reduced physical activity and other factors. Some of this weight may be hard to lose after giving birth.
  • Comfort and relaxation: Some couples enjoy spending more time together after marriage, which may involve eating out more often, cooking bigger meals at home, watching TV or movies together and other activities that reduce physical activity and increase calorie intake.
  • Stress: Marriage can also bring some stressors, such as financial issues, family problems, work demands and so on. Some people may cope with stress by eating more or choosing unhealthy foods, which can lead to weight gain.

These are just some of the reasons why some people become fat after marriage. Of course, not everyone experiences this, and there are ways to prevent or reverse it by making healthy choices together with your spouse.