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Yinka Bokinni: ‘I Investigated Hit-Men For Hire And Was Terrified By How Easy It Is To Kill’

Channel 4’s true crime documentary How To Hire a Hitman investigates the most disturbing corner of the internet – murder for hire websites.

Capital Xtra presenter Yinka Bokinni will be fronting the insightful yet terrifying two-parter where she’ll uncover a list of names who have had hits taken out on them, many of who are normal people ‘getting caught up in this dark, murky underworld.’

Despite being a true-crime enthusiast, even frontwoman Yinka couldn’t have prepared herself for the ‘overwhelming’ discoveries involved in the heinous act.

‘I don’t think there was anything that I could have read that would have justified putting a hit out on someone, or at least attempting to,’ she told ahead of the programme’s debut.

She continued: ‘But when it came to identifying information, postcodes, NI Numbers, Facebook profiles, it just became a lot when I was reading it, because I thought “this is way too many people.”

‘Not only were there cases in India, Canada and Spain, there were places in Tottenham Court Road and New Cross, so it was something that was far and wide, but also came very close to home.’


The first instalment, which airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4, follows Yinka to America after finding out that an assassination had been ordered in nearly every state.

While the power of social media has been a beneficial tool to the majority over the years, the ‘easy access’ to ordering a hit on someone online was a concept that didn’t sit right with Yinka.

‘The fact the website was so easy for me to access, and it didn’t take that much brain power, was really scary,’ she added.

‘We tag locations, we post live stories, and people know where you are. We are trackable by our own doing through apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Yinka Bokinni

Yinka learns how to access the dark web in the documentary (Picture: Channel 4)

Yinka Bokinni

‘I don’t think there was anything that I could have read that would have justified putting a hit out on someone’ (Picture: Getty)

‘Before I attended, I went to a cyber school to see how much information was about me, but as an average person, you don’t think about this. You don’t think about taking pictures in your house, or on the street.

‘One of the major things that took me by surprise was how long people can be angry for. It’s one thing to be p****d off at your neighbour, but to actually order a hit out at someone, and they still follow up that information to carry it out.’

She added: ‘It’s that tunnel vision because of anger, and I just hope that I’ve never induced that emotion in somebody else because that was just next level.’

While the 33-year-old presenter is known for her bubbly and vibrant personality on Capital Xtra, Yinka hopes her latest presenting gig will allow fans to see her ‘smart and inquisitive’ side.


‘If I know I’m doing a good job and I’m doing my research, if I make sure that I have got everything in the bag, then I have no fear that I’m not qualified.

‘The more that my documentary starts to come out, the more you know that I’m just a human.

‘My personality gets me through the door at these things. It is a different side to me because, hitmen and Aitch’s new song don’t necessarily move in the same body, but it’s nice to be able to do different things.’