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Victoria and Albert Museum, London - Africa Fashion Conference

Exhibition highlights 


Person wearing dark and light blue buttoned dress with speckled design, and blue mask with beaded detailing

Aso Lànkí, Kí Ató Ki Ènìyàn ('We greet dress before we greet its wearer') collection, 2021, Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos Space Programme. Photo: © Kadara Enyeasi

Dark blue cloth with light blue detailing

Adire, indio-dyed cloth, Nigeria.

Two men wearing white shirts, hats and sunglasses, sitting back in chairs. There is a vase with flowers behind

Photograph by Studio Kameni, Cameroon



Figure standing in a translucent outfit covered in black hand pattern with entire body covered

'The Trench' designed by Maison ArtC, Morocco, 2021. © Image courtesy @M.A.Roock, model Abdul

Person on catwalk wearing headpiece, jacket and skirt made from dyed cloth in shades of light blue, dark blue and white

DAKALA CLOTH ensemble, 'Who Knew' collection, Abuja, Nigeria, Spring/Summer 2019. Image courtesy Nkwo Onwuka. © Kola Oshalusi

Black and white photograph of person wearing headpiece. They wear facial jewellery and nose piercing jewellery

Self-portrait, Gouled Ahmed, Addis Foam, Ethiopia