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These Tips Would Help You Stand Out At a Job Interview

If you’re applying for a job, especially one where there is a lot of competition, you would need to stand out amongst the other job seekers in order to be remembered by the interviewers and considered for the job.

Many of these interviewers have what they look out for in prospective employees. They set high standards and requirements across role-related knowledge, leadership expectations and diversified perspectives.

These are however general tips that can help you successfully stand out amongst several other candidates that interviewers will speak with.

Ask questions

At an interview, instead of just listening to be asked questions, it is important to also ask questions of your own. During the interview you may be asked interactive questions while in some other interview session there would be a time when you’ll be asked if you have any questions. It is very important to ask questions at that point because it shows interest , it shows curiosity and also that you’ve researched on the company.

Ask questions on where you can contribute to the company, also ask what the company needs or what a particular team needs the most. This would make you a remarkable candidate and would help them remember you.

Acknowledge any mistakes you’ve made

It is important to talk about failed projects and things you’ve done that haven’t gone right. What projects have you embarked on that didn’t go right, why didn’t they go right? What problems have you encountered? What did you learn? How do you propose to deal with such mistakes again if you ever encounter them. While doing this it’s important to stick to the facts and important aspect of the story, stay on point and plan your story so that you don’t trail off.

Talk about your transferable skill experience

What experience have you had especially in the position you are applying for. It must not be necessarily academic. It could be based off a previous job. If there are any creative strategies you’ve used in the past to achieve any particular aim, share them. What is important is that you possess those skills, that they’re useful to the job experience you’re applying for and that they’re skills that can be shared or transferred.

Personal interest and agility

Most companies are looking for innovative and progressive thinking employees. The way the world is going, there’s a continuous advancement of technology and if an employee is personally driven to tap into innovation and improvement, they would be on the look out for new and modern ways to help the company advance and be progressive.

In an interview it is important to express that you possess these values, think fast and you’re readily accepting of new ideas that come everyday in the sector you’re applying to.

by Michelle Ezenduka