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The Minimum GPA Requirements To Study In Canadian Universities

If you are looking at studying in Canada , read the following information carefully .

Canada uses percentage averages (out of 100) and not GPA (A = 4 etc.) to determine eligibility for post-secondary study.

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By law, a “university” cannot accept a student who does not have an average of at least 60%. Most universities have much higher requirements even for their less in demand programs, and several programs have much higher requirement than that.

In Ontario, Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie is the only one that takes students with the 60% minimum.

As shared recently by Steven Haddock a Professional Lawyer who assist immigrant to Canada

He wrote :

Back when I was getting into university in the 1970s, there were several that allowed students with an average that low, including my alma matter York University, which now requires a 75% for even its easiest programs.

For comparison, a 75 average in high school puts you into the “honors” category. Part of that is grade inflation, but a lot is that despite having far more openings (York had about 11,000 undergrads when I went there, it now has about 50,000) there is still a lot of demand for programs. It was generally the universities created with largely arts programs in the 1960s like Brock and Trent that also accepted people with a 60% average. Now, they too are well into the 70s and have some highly regarded programs.

In fact, Trent consistently ranks #1 in undergraduate satisfaction due to most of the courses being taught by people with doctorates and a robust student support system.

Community colleges have lower standards and can take a person with an average as low as 50%. However, again, there are programs with higher requirements.

Sheridan’s three year computer animation program has an acceptance rate of about 10% and is one of the hardest programs of any type to get into.

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