Rally - Passion Led Investing

$ 35

Rally - Passion Led Investing

$ 35

Product Description

Rally is a platform that allows individuals to purchase and sell shares of ownership in collectible assets, such as rare cars, wine, art, and other valuable items. The platform uses blockchain technology to create a digital record of ownership and provide transparency in the buying and selling process. This allows buyers to invest in collectible assets without needing to purchase the entire item and also allows sellers to access a larger pool of potential buyers. Rally aims to democratize access to the collectible market, making it more accessible to a wider range of people.


We source, verify, and acquire the most noteworthy items from collections and individuals all over the world.


We turn that item into “a company” via regulatory qualification, then split it into equity shares.


We open an “Initial Offering” on Rally where investors of all sizes can purchase shares & build their portfolio.


After ~90 days, investors have the chance to sell shares in-app or add to their position through Bid/Ask trading (through registered broker dealers).

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